Kasur anti-judiciary rally: LHC indicts all six accused


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LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday indicted all those involved in speaking against the judiciary during a protest in Kasur. All the accused have denied the charges.
A three-member bench, led by Justice Mazahir Ali Akbar Naqvi, had on May 9 decided to indict the six accused, including two Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) lawmakers.

The accused include MNA Waseem Akhtar, MPA Naeem Safdar, Kasur Baitul Maal Chairperson Nasir Mehmood and Market Committee Chairperson Jameel Ahmed.

Earlier in May, the LHC had ordered names of all six people to be placed on the Exit Control List (ECL).

On April 13, a protest rally was organised in Kasur wherein PML-N leaders participated. The case against the rally participants was filed on the grounds that they used inappropriate language against the judiciary and other state institutions.

The prime minister had taken strict notice of the protest and directed PML-N leader Sheikh Aftab to take disciplinary action against party members involved in the protest.—INP