Finance Minister winds up general discussion on budget


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ISLAMABAD: Federal Finance Minister Miftah Ismail on Monday, winding up of general discussion on the budget for the year 2018-2019 presented the expenditure in the National Assembly.

Details of the expenditure presented in the lower house are

superannuation allowances and pensions 3,865,200,000,

grants-in-aid and miscellaneous adjustments between the federal and provincial governments 14,000,000,000,

other expenditure of Foreign Affairs Division 150,000,000, Civil Works 7,741,000,

other expenditure of Law and Justice Division 236,268,000,

National Assembly 1,751,915,000,

the Senate 1,698,469,000,

Pakistan Post Office Department 22,400,000,

Pakistan Railways 1,000,000,000,

external development loans and advances by the Federal Government 171,866,704,000,

staff, household and allowances of the President 1,036,000,000,

audit 4,633,000,000,

servicing of domestic debt 1,391,000,000,000,

repayment of domestic debt 21,129,748,281,000,

servicing of Foreign debt 229,229,515,000,

foreign loans repayment 601,753,953,000,

repayment of short term foreign credits 174,163,275,000,

Supreme Court 1,964,000,000,

Islamabad High Court 527,000,000,

Election 2,531,000,000,

Wafaqi Mohtasib 722,000,000,

Federal Tax Ombudsman 243,000,000 and total expenditures are 23,732,149,721,000.—INP