Eight ways to recognize genuine and fake people



Web Desk: You just can’t identify someone intentions are genuine or fake. People pretend to be sincere when they need something from you. These eight signs can help you to figure it out but only if you know about them.

Eight such signs are outlined here that can help you identify truly genuine people.

Fake people are only nice when they need something

This feature can easily distinguish the fake and genuine people. They would be extremely nice to you while planning to kill you at the same time.

Fake people always criticize others while genuine do not

Fake people feel the need to put other people down in order to make themselves appear better. Trying to look better at the expense of someone else is a clear sign of a fake person. Genuine people always praise and inspire others.

Fake people don’t always keep their promise

Fake people don’t believe in the importance of keeping promises while genuine people are always known to be a people of their words. A truly genuine people would never want to hurt anyone by not keeping promises.

Fake people gossip a lot

Strong willpower and high moral principles lie at the heart of the ability to openly express your point of view. Genuine and strong people never gossips and never afraid to offer their opinion. While, fake people love gossiping and spreading rumors and lies.

Fake people always brag

Genuine people don’t brag and never try to attract attention to themselves. Fake people boast about themselves and their achievements. People, who always exaggerate and brag about all of the magnificent things that he never actually did.

Fake persons are greedy for attention

Self-sufficient people don’t feel the need to attract the attention of those around them because they don’t find it necessary to prove anything to society. Fake people always ready to go against many moral principles just to get attention.

Fake people want to take benefits

Fake people want to benefit from everything around them while genuine people never try to manipulate others. Genuine never try to change other and threat people to get them to do what he want to do.

Fake people respect those who have power and wealth

Genuine people respect the personality traits and characteristics of people they never care about his friend’s social status while fake people judge people based on how powerful or how rich they were.

Source: Brightside