Diabetic patients planning to fast advised to see their doctors


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KARACHI: People with diabetes have been strongly advised to see their doctors before Ramadan so as to be adequately examined and advised if they could fast during the holy month.

A guide for patients published in the latest edition of Diabetes Digest, a monthly publication of Diabetic Association of Pakistan, advises that diabetics with high risk or even moderate risk must not fast as their body may not cope well with fasting.

Reminding that those who could not fast due to their ailment or health condition are exempted and can offer charity or offer food to the poor, compilers of the guide said high risk diabetics comprising

Type 1 diabetes or those (including Type 2 diabetics) who use insulin injections more than two times a day or have poor control of their disease must not fast, said the guide.

Similarly, diabetics with frequent low blood sugar levels or had a hospital admission within the last six months for either very high levels blood sugar levels or very low blood sugar or may be inflicted with kidney, liver, heart related complications and/or poor vision, diabetic foot were also advised to avail exemption granted to seriously ill patients.

The guide further said that pregnant women suffering from diabetes should not fast.

It was reminded that Ramadan in the summer and lasting for upto 16 long hours put patients to higher risk of low blood sugar levels and dehydration. — APP