Can dead finger really unlock phones?


-The Indian Express

Web Desk: Technology is kept on changing specially in the privacy domain. There is a question raises that the rules of privacy apply to the deceased? Can their fingerprints be used to unlock iPhones? And is it legal?

Well, using the fingerprints of the deceased to unlock their iPhones is a legal process. The Sun reported, the technique is increasingly being used in criminal investigations and could easily extend to the iPhone X as well. And there’s nothing stopping them from doing the same with faces to access a deceased person’s iPhone X.”

According to the report of a professor of computer science, Anil Jain who was working on fingerprint recognition claims the longer a person has been dead, the more difficult it gets to unlock their phone using their fingerprint because on most smartphone, fingerprint identification works through electrical conductance.”

The electricity that escapes your electricity when the weather is exceptionally dry is generated by our body. Therefore, when a person is deceased, the fingerprint is dead too.

Reportedly, now it’s common for the fingerprints of the dead to be used in unlocking iPhone. Apple’s increasingly powerful and idiot-proof encryption is not exactly hindering the process.

Source: Indiatimes