Aliens are aligning parliament of their own choice, says Nawaz


ISLAMABAD: Former Prime Minister and leader of Muslim League-N, Nawaz Sharif said, ‘Aliens are busy in lining up the parliament of their own wish.

While appearing on Accountability Court on Thursday, Nawaz Sharif said in an informal discussion with media persons, “N-League is not competing with PPP and PTI but with aliens, who are busy in bringing parliament of their own wish.”

He said, “I was made Party’s president after passing law, but later on, they strike down the law and dismissed me from the position of party’s presidency.”

Former Prime Ministers added, “There are three pillars of state but a single pillar has occupied all the authorities, dismissing me from party’s presidency was not lawful, it is not am era of Mughals where all powers belong to only one person.”

“Zardari’s statement was categorized as breaking in different newspapers and channels, if he didn’t give a statement then who asked to broadcast breaking,” he continued.

Sharif also criticized the NAB’s functions and said, “NAB works actively in whole country but exemptions are given in Sindh, it is not 1979, its 2018.”