Women suffers deadly case of sun poisoning


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Web Desk: During holiday, a woman experienced a horrific sun poisoning but now she wants to prevent everyone from it.

20-year-old woman Holly Barrington was enjoying a soak in the sun, but when she returned back to her hotel room, she felt something odd.

She felt her face was really hot and started swelling up. Next morning, her face had swollen so much that she couldn’t able to open her eyes.

Doctor told her that it was happened due to sun poisoning. The woman quoted, “Despite the fact I wore sun cream, I believed my eyes would be protected by my sunglasses but they must not have protected my eyes.”

Healthline reveals sun poisoning, also called polymorphic light eruption, is caused from spending too much time in the sun and can lead to severe sunburn.

Holly recovered in a week and wants to warn others to be careful and take preventive measures.

Source: Deccanchronicle