Why having water while eating will not do any harm?



Web Desk: It is generally prohibited to eat and drink at the same time. Some people are like, water dilutes our stomach acid. Some says that this can make us fat while some people think that water pushes undigested food out of the stomach.

So, what happens to food and water in the stomach?

Even when we think about our meal, saliva is produced in the mouth. Saliva contains necessary enzymes for digestion, it also softens food and then gets into our stomach.

Stomach needs 4 hours for digestion before turning it into liquid. But water doesn’t stay in the stomach. It just takes 10 minutes for stomach to move the water. Therefore, it would not make lakes in your stomach. It goes through the chewed food, moisturizes it and leaves the stomach quickly.

Liquids don’t decrease acidity

Our body has a well-tuned system, if our stomach feels that it can’t digest something, it produces more enzymes and increases the acidity of liquid. So, water can’t influence the acidity level.

Warning: Some food can decrease acidity levels in our stomachs.

Liquid don’t influence the speed of digestion?

Liquid never pushes solid food into the intestine before it’s fully digested. Even, it leaves the body faster than solid food, therefore, it doesn’t influence the speed of digestion.

So, can we drink while eating?

It is not harmful to have water while eating. Even, water helps to soften solid food. But don’t drink it before you swallow the food.

According to research, when a person makes short pauses to drink some water, it slows down the eating process. As a result, people eat less which is good. Similarly, there is no difference in acidity levels after having tea or water.

Source: Brightside