Which is the world’s laziest country?


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Web Desk: Scientists used the Smartphone data of more than 700,00 people to find out the world’s laziest country and to know how active different parts of the world are.

People of Hong Kong can proudly claim to be the fittest, walking an average of 6,880 steps each day. Whereas the residents of Indonesia termed as the laziest, walking average of 3,513 steps each day.


Many countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand also fell below the standard estimate amount. The main finding was the average steps is each country had little impact on obesity.

Saudia stands at the second laziest country, Malaysia stands at third position while India occupied the eighth position.

Researcher Jure Leskovec stated, “When activity inequality is greatest, women’s activity is reduced much more dramatically than men’s activity, and thus the negative connections to obesity can affect women more greatly.”

Source: Dailymail