What happens when doctor embalmed a woman alive?



Web Desk: A 27-year old woman was embalmed alive when she went for a routine surgery in a local hospital in Ulyanovsk, a city in western Russia.

According to report, Ekaterina Fedyaeva went to hospital for routine surgery, was given formaldehyde-based drip that is used to preserve dead bodies from rotting.

27-year-old women underwent excruciating agony for two days before falling into a coma.

Earlier, she was advised to take a routine laparoscopic procedure to remove the cysts. During the operation, the medical staff of the hospital made a horrible blunder and instead of administering saline solution, injected formalin, a solution that contains formaldehyde.

The women faced a lot stomach pain and yelled for help. As the drip started reacting, her organs started to fail and was soon connected to ventilator to keep her alive.

Doctors used 52 drugs to save her life and was also flown to the Moscow hospital, but tragically died. A criminal case was filed against the medical personnel for causing death by negligence.

Source: Indian Express