What happens to your body if you drink cold or warm water?



Web Desk: Having liquid is so important for our body. It helps body to function properly. But have ever wondered how should you drink it? Cold or hot?

Most of us tend to choose cold water especially during summer, as it tastes better and is more refreshing. But in actual, warm water is more beneficial to our health.

Have a look at the pros and cons of drinking warm and cold water.

Cold water

It can upset your digestion

If you consume cold water, your body vessels shrink, which hinders your digestive abilities. It leads to constipation, abdominal pain etc.

It saps energy

Body’s energy is wasted to warm up cold water and to bring to the average temperature. Therefore, you should not have cold water unless you feel exhausted.

It slows your heart rate

Cold water can reduce your heart rate. The low temperature of the body stimulates the vagus nerve to lower the heart rate.

It creates mucus in your body

Having cold water causes the mucus in your body. Your immune system deteriorates and it may lead to many unpleasant circumstances.

Warm water

It detoxifies your body

Drinking warm water can help you to flush out toxins in your body. If you add a slice of lemon in it and drink it in the morning, leads to detoxify your body.

It fights pain

It can fight against pain like headache. It increases blood circulation and improves the blood flow.

It decreases stress

Drink a glass of warm water when you’re feeling stressed. This will help the central nervous system function properly.

Lose weight

Drinking warm water can lose your weight by activating you metabolism. Warm water increases the body temperature and burns calories.

Blood circulation

It helps the blood flow freely. Warm water helps from blood pressure to a risk of cardiovascular disease.

Premature aging

The increase presence of toxins in a woman’s body can cause premature aging. Warm water can help your body flush away toxins.

Source: Brightside