Video of jealous restaurant owner peeing in rival’s soup goes viral


-Indian Express

Web Desk: People use many tricks and do weird things to defame his rivals and competitors. Sometime, jealously took them to the next level.

Recently, in China, a restaurant owner, spurned by jealousy urinated in his competitor’s soup. Dongbei noodle shop’s owner, sensed that his beef stock had a rather usual smell to it. Then he decided to find out the reason of it.

Luckily, he installed a surveillance camera inside restaurant. The CCTV captured another owner in Dongbei restaurant in which he took off the lid and then dropped something inside from a container.

After this, he pulls down his pants and urinates in the other pot. According to the police, the man did this because he apparently jealous of the success of the neighboring restaurant.

Watch video.

Source: Indianexpress