Top 16 weird incidents you will never forget


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Web Desk: The world is full of weirdness, sometime some things break all the limits. Some weird things are signs of smartness because genius people see world from different way and also make strange perspective of it.

Here are sixteen weird sights that are burned into your retinas forever.

When you’re angry but not your legs

Looks like someone mastered air boating

Flood is coming? But I am hungry

No time for cooking

She loves pink pets

He was confused between Fester Addams and Pooh

Height of transparency

Always keep your property as close as you can

What kind of magic is this?

What the heck is this?

Elder version of Mary Poppins

Now electronic gadgets can also be your pet

Chopsticks lover

Bog masters also travel

When you want that seat no matter what

Money-saving level

Source: Brightside