Top 10 things smart people are dealing with



Web Desk: After looking at the world’s smartest people like Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Ashton Kutsher and Natalie Portman, you can say that smart people always stay happy and they consider only small things as problem.

Here are the 10 things that disturb smart people, it will also tell you why intelligent people often feel lonely, unhappy and lost.

They feel more comfortable alone

Intelligent people feel discomfort during frequent contact with friends. Their main focus is achieving their goals. Psychologist have proven that people who purposely find time for their loved ones feel much happier at the end of their lives.

Therefore, being alone is wonderful but you should not isolate yourself.

They are more likely to have health problems

Intelligent people sleep late at night which leads to heart disease. Moreover, it turned out that people with highly developed intelligence are prone to smoking due to increased anxiety.

Smart people should learn how to relax, you can do regular exercise this will contribute a lot to improve your mood.

They are experiencing more stress

Smart people experience many problems. They have a habit of thinking many times over what is happening, including negative things, leading them straight to chronic stress.

Disable your negative thought and analyze the situation and try to find ways to get out of it.

They are not always successful

People are more willing to do business with someone they like and trust, even if they offer a more expensive product. Physical, emotional and moral intellects play a lot in getting financial success. Moral intelligence means how well you feel about you obligation and honesty. Emotional intelligence is how you understand your feelings. While physical intelligence are how you take care of your body.

They rarely make rational decisions

Intelligent people make irrational action and are more prone to delusions. These people should talk about their problems in order to reduce bias and make wiser conclusion.

They seek to meet the expectations of others

Academic load often proves to be an unbearable burden for them. Excessive self-focus and anxiety about how we look in the eyes of others prevent us from living and having fun. Try to treat learning and working as a game.

They suffer from psychological problems

They suffer from mental disorder. Their habit of constant analysis leads to frequent reflections about life, death and the sense of existence.

You should help other and even strangers.

They lack a warm and friendly relationship

Close relationship is difficult for intelligent people. Socialization for people with high IQs is an experience often more painful than loneliness.

What you can do is to get rid of people who pull you down. Appreciate the relatives, who sincerely love you, it is the best way of getting rid of felling of unhappiness.

They are too demanding of themselves and others

They know what they want, they see the world in an idealistic way and it is difficult for them to give up their expectation.

Remember those events that make you feel grateful, it will distract you from having negative thoughts and help you to look at many other things.

They tend to overanalyze things

Different events of their lives exhaust them from their findings. They are often full of fear and disappointment, and real dilemmas arise in their heads.

Accept your mistakes and also allow others to be mistaken too. People are flawed, so we should not make a tragedy of it by criticizing or gossiping.

Source: Brightside