These products are health needs of women



Web Desk: Products that contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are called superfood like blueberry, avocado, etc. These products are the need of your life.

But here are some ordinary products that are good for women’s health.

Garlic is good for your heart and bones

Garlic contains vitamin B6 and manganese. It can reduce strain on the heart and also helps to deal with demanding workouts. It will also make your bones strong. A half of a raw garlic clove will protect you from osteoporosis.

Beef protects from anemia

Beef contains zinc, vitamin B12, iron and vitamin B2. It helps to relieve symptoms and enriches your body with iron. If you don’t take it, you can feel fatigued, dizzy and also your skin become very pale. Zinc is good for your hair and nails.

Tomatoes protect us from burn, depression and breast cancer

Tomatoes contain vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin B9. Vitamin A is important for your skin and hair and it also protects our skin from sunburn. Vitamin B9 assists our cells grow and develop and protects you from depression and breast cancer.

Potatoes protect from free radicals and reduce appetite

Potatoes contain vitamin C and vitamin B6. It’s antioxidants protect your body and reduce free radicals which are responsible for infertility. It also reduce hunger. Vitamin B6 affects your metabolism in a good way.

Cherries relieve muscle pain and cope with insomnia

Cherries contain vitamin A and vitamin C. It relieves pain and also helps women suffer from insomnia. Cherry juice can help you fall asleep. It protects the brain cell.

Coconut can improve mother and baby’ health during pregnancy

-Meghan Telpner

-Meghan Telpner

Coconut water contains vitamins and minerals like calcium, potassium and sodium. Its fatty acids are extremely important for a baby. It can regulate blood pressure and increase good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol.

Source: Brightside