These hygienic practices are not good for you



Web Desk: People tend to follow practices widely accepted as healthy in society. But all these habits are not favorable to overall well being in day to day life.

Here are some hygiene habits which you might want to be careful about.

Cotton swab to clean ears

Apparently, using cotton swab is a harmless but these swabs can cause health hazards like punctured eardrums, ear infections and may also lead to hearing loss.

Hand sanitizer

According to US Food and Drug Association, synthetic compound called triclosan in hand sanitizer may damage your health. It’s long time exposure can lead to bacterial resistance hormonal effects.

Air dryers

Drying hands instantly are inefficient when it comes to wiping out bacteria, they may even spread it across the room creating a mist with fecal bacteria.

Hot shower

Hot showers deprive skin of protective oils. It is advisable to keep hot shower short.

Washing hair daily

Washing your hair daily, can weaken it and also washes off natural oils without which hair becomes dry and brittle.

Sneezing in your hands

Covering your mouth while sneezing and then touching food, money and other people, can spread the virus.

Source: Deccanchronicle