People who died while trying to break world records



Web Desk: Everyone wants fame and wants to be the best at something. Guinness World Records is a platform for those enthusiastic people.

Sadly, some people go to extreme to win the titled of being best at something, they don’t even care about their life.

Haris Suleman

Babar and Haris Suleman

Haris Suleman, 17, wanted to break the world record for the youngest pilot-in-command in history to circumnavigate the earth in a single-engine plane in 30-days. Tragically, the plane crashed in the Pacific Ocean.


Guy Garman Scuba Diving

Garman, 56 attempted to set the world record for the deepest recreational scuba dive of 1,200 feet. He didn’t reach to rendezvous point and was drowned.

Sailendra Nath Roy

Roy death attempt

It was his third attempt. He died when he attempted to beat his own record of farthest distance traveled on a zip wire using hair. He got stuck midway on the zip and ended up having a heart attack.

Javed Palizbanian


Iranian daredevil, wanted to break the world record for jumping over the most buses while riding a motorbike. Sadly, his bike came down early and crashing on 13th bus and was killed immediately.

Bill Warner


Motorcycle racer, Bill Warner, 44 wanted to beat his old record but breaking 300 miles per hour in a single mile. But lost control of his motorcycle at 285 miles per hour.

Juan Francisco


Juan Francisci Guillermo, 48, wanted to break an ambitious world record by cycling 155,000 miles. It was supposed to be a five year trip. Unfortunately, he was struck by truck in northeast Thailand and died.

Diana Paris



Diana Paris joined 220 people from 28 countries to set the world record for the largest group to free-fall from an airplane. Her reserve parachute was deployed too late and she plummeted to her death.

Janaka Basnayake


He attempted to endure the longest time spent buried alive. He dug a 10 feet deep trench and was sealed within wood and soil, in the morning. But was found unconscious in the afternoon. He was died when he arrived at the hospital.

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