These 10 discoveries made people rich



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Here are the 10 lucky discoveries made by people that make them super rich.

Royal one

While collecting ordinary stones and an Australian collected a big sparkling one at the bottom of his bucket. It looked nice so he took it home as a souvenir. When he showed it to a specialist after 14 years, he found that it is a very rare black opal that worth more than $3 million.

Wale vomit

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A boy Charlie from the UK, found an unusual rock on the beach. Later he found out it was a piece of ambergris or whale vomit that worth $63,000.

Wall of coins

While playing, kids found several old coins near one of the walls. When they broke the wall and hundreds of coins fell out of it. The ordinary coins worth $8,500 and rare valued costs $200,000.

Golden nuggets

An Australian farmer accidentally detected and dug out some little nuggets of gold. He continued digging and found a 5.5 kg piece of gold that was worth $315,000.

Super glue

An Australian team was trying to develop materials to make plastic gun sights, but accidentally discovered Harry Coover. This commercial product generated around to 2.5 billion.

Hoxne Hoard

While looking for a hammer, a British farmer and his friend found a wooden box with jewelry and coins that worth about $15 million. They brought it to Museum for display and got a prize of $2.3 million.


A Scottish biologist Alexander Fleming, found a dirty dish full of bacteria and mold when he returned back home after a vacation. He noticed that the mold actually killed the bacteria. Today, it is used as an antibiotic.


While experimenting with an enemy-plane detector, an engineer Percy Spencer discovered that magnetron can melt chocolate. This new product was sold at $25 billion.


Frank Epperson left a mixture of soda powder and water in a glass out in the cold with a stirring stick in it. After 20 years it became ‘ice lollipops’ and made him rich.


Coca-cola was made as a medicine against headaches. But accidentally, John Pemberton mixed two ingredients (Coca leaves and Cola nuts) with carbonated water. Later it became a popular drink of the world.

Source: brightside