Ten things that can take you to the year 3018



Web Desk: Scientists are working hard to invent cool stuff that can change our life right now. A mind-reading tool, a bag that changes its color automatically depending on the color of your clothes are the example of it.

Have a look at the ten amazing inventions from the future.

A car with skin

A car that is coated with elastic artificial leather made of special fabric. This cover allows the owner to adjust it according to their needs. It can even blink.

Noise absorbing Earphones

Wireless earphones let you hear a person not just via a phone but even if you meet in the crowded street or a noisy place.

A watch powered by your body heat

PowerWatch accumulates warmth produced by our organism with the help of the thermoelectric technology and turns it into a source of energy that charges the battery.

A pillow that sings lullabies and doesn’t allow you to snore

This pillow prevents you from snoring and even sings lullabies. Only owner can hear the sound so that people won’t be disturbed.

Mind reading device

This can read and understand words that you don’t even need to pronounce. This can recognizes a person’s thoughts.

A robot that helps lonely people

This can cheer up lonely people. If your friends also own such a robot, it tells them what you’re up to and you can communicate through the device.

A cap that won’t let you fall asleep

The embedded device notices the movements of the head and can warm the driver with the help of noises, vibration and light signals when it feels that the owner is beginning to fall asleep.

Jacket that can order pizza

This jacket can read owner’s gesture and can transfer commands to a smartphone like turn on music or order pizza.

Smart shoes that look after your comfort and health

This shoe can count steps, keep your feet warm and accurately distribute the weight when you walk and run.

Socks that don’t smell

This sock will not smell even if you’ve been wearing them for a week. Silver, zinc and copper contained in the fabric reduce any unpleasant odor and kill bacteria.

Source: Brightside