Stare this image for 1 min, and see what happen



Web Desk: This image was posted on the social media site Reddit. The image was posted with a caption, “This picture will fade away if you stare at it (may take a minute)’.

As the picture surfaced on the social media, it had gone viral with hundreds of people trying it out, and posting their experiences.

It was posted a week ago, given the Internet’s obsession with such challenges that would give people an excuse not to work in pursuit of sharpening their eyesight or brain power, the image popularity has not faded yet.

If you have not try it yet, try it here. Take a look in the picture for 1 minute.

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Some of the public responses are, some people fell asleep, some complained that their phone had died. Other suggestions what people saw ranged from furry black boxes and black mirron to xBoxwes and plain white light.

Source: Indianexpress