Sleeping twice can boost creativity and alertness


-Dr Backhaus

Web Desk: Sometime you toss and turn around in the middle of your sleep, experience a break in your sleep patterns or even struggle to fall asleep?

A recent study reveals that sleeping in two phases throughout the history of mankind was the normal thing to do. Two shorter slumbers may suit our body clocks better than one long eight-hour sleep.

In part, ‘Bi-modal sleeping was considering as the norm, referring to different sleep cycles as ‘first sleep’ and ‘second sleep’. Another word, ‘Bi-phasic’ which means two separate four-hour blocks of sleep, is a natural biological process our body is accustomed to.

This single phase of sleep started during the late 1700’s and this habit spread throughout the world. Since then we have become industrialized, sleeping far less and restricting sleeping to a lesser number of hours.

Sleep scientists blame modern schedules and artificial light for the change in our sleep habits. This sleeping termed as ‘monophasic way of sleep’.

Two periods of sleeping increased activity, creativity and alertness though the day, instead of staying up for a long period of time where your productivity wanes as the day progress. Even eight hours of sleeping doesn’t give us the feeling of walking up well rested.

However, whenever you wake up at the middle of the night, get some work, like read book. It helps prevent conditions like insomnia as there is far less pressure on you to sleep for eight hours on the trot.

Source: Indiatimes