Six best ways to beat the heat this year



Web Desk: The biggest issue of the summer season is scorching beam of sun that directly hit your skin and damages and darkens it. Sun exposure can also lead to health problems and skin irritation. Sun-induced damages are sun spots, wrinkles and cancer.

Here are the best tips to beat the heat this year. Have a look

Sunscreen lotion

Sunscreen lotions contain ingredients that can protect your skin from harmful ultraviolent rays. Make sure your sunscreen had broad-spectrum protection that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Buy SPF 30 and above for longer protection and reapply it every two hours.


Do not wear heavy makeup because sweating and makeup together can lead to clogged pores. Use powder based foundation infused with SPF to give more protection from harmful UV rays. Remove makeup before going to bed.

Treatment for lips

Make sure that your lips have ample amounts of moisture. Apply lip balm that contains a minimum SPF of 15, drinking more water. Avoid the habit of licking or biting your lips.

Pimple remedies

Massage aloe vera gel on your pimples in circular motion. Do not press the gel or pop your pimples. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash your face.

Take a healthy diet, adequate water and do exercise.


Wear protective clothes that can cover your skin as much as possible. You can also use cap or hat and sun glasses to protect your skin.

In case of sunburn, wash with cool water and apply a skin calming balm to soothe the skin.

Healthy diet

Consume a lot of green vegetables and fruits and also water based fruits and vegetables like cucumber, watermelon. This can help your body to keep hydrated.

Source: Deccanchronicle