Mother supports her 9-year-old disabled girl



Web Desk: Sometime social media becomes extremely nasty due to some people on this digital platform who become so desperate to make their stupid presence felt that they end up doing something really terrible.

Recently, Twitter trolls used a picture Sophia who is a disabled 9-year-old girl, in the aim of promoting abortion. Responding to which, Sophia’s mother decided to take revenge and started a war against hate speech.



“She’s had 22 surgeries,” mother Natalie Weaver told CNN. “She has a feeding tube. A colostomy bag. She has seizures and choking spells because of both the deformities and the Rett syndrome,” she further added.



“I blocked it. I just hoped it was gone,” the mother said. “But it was never removed. The account remained.” Weaver claimed Twitter had even sent her a message saying the post did not violate their policies. Time passed, but the tweet was still up, and the hurtful account behind it was still active. “[The troll] was mentioning my name and reaching out to my followers on Twitter,” Weaver said.

In the end, Twitter had to delete the post and suspend the account!

Here are some pictures of the innocent girl.

Sibling love.

Mom's Reaction...


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