Judges disqualify Khuwaja Asif with heavy heart, say Nawaz Sharif


ISLAMABAD: Leader of Muslim League and Former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif claimed that judges had disqualified Khuwaja Asif with a heavy heart and he was happy that there was no burden on his heart, Aaj News reported.

Nawaz Sharif while speaking to the media out side the accountability court said, ‘India and China are becoming friends but sadly we didn’t learn anything from the past.’

While talking about Khuwaja Asif’s disqualification, he said, ‘I was disqualified due to Akama while judges disqualified Khuwaja Asif with heavy heart. I am Happy that there is no burden on my heart.”

He said, “It has been revealed what PTI’s government did with Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa, N-league always had an agenda of development, if we were let to work new Pakistan would have been made, Sindh, KPK and Balochistan can’t be compared with Punjab.”

“Condition of motorway is not hidden, we would have made new Pakistan but no one here let people work, it can only be done if people stop pulling legs,” he added.

Moreover, he claimed that N-league can’t be compared, the difference is transparent, if my agenda get 10,20 years, then new Pakistan will be formed.”

While commenting on Imran’s Jalsa, former Prime Minister stated, “Jalsa was in Lahore, crowd came from Peshawar and agenda belonged to someone else, Imran Khan’s political principles came into light, we have been hearing this slogan for several years.”