Imran Khan invites Ch Nisar to join PTI


—File Photo

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has made a telephonic contact with Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) senior leader Chaudhry Nisar and invited him to join the PTI.

The PTI chairman said, “You have been friends with the Sharif family for too long, it’s about time you be friends with me.” Imran made this telephone call after Ch Nisar’s strong stance appeared against Nawaz Sharif.

Reports said that Imran told Nisar that Nawaz Sharif would not accept him in any case while Shehbaz Sharif prefers his brother Nawaz more than him. “When there are such strong differences, what are you waiting for? Both the brothers can never give the offices of Prime Minister and Chief Minister to anyone else.

We are childhood friends, have studied together, I have a greater right on you,” Imran said.

Sources said that many issues were discussed during the telephonic conversation. The PTI chairman said, “If you agree to join the party, I myself will come to you with a formal invitation.” Ch Nisar responded that you are my friend and I respect you but I can’t leave the party I devoted my life to.

“I have some rules, I assure you that if I decide to leave the PMLN, I will join PTI. I will be very happy over it because this party belongs to my childhood friend,” Nisar said. Imran said that general elections are around the corner, you can decide then.

To this, Ch Nisar said that I can take very little or very long time to take this decision. Imran laughed over it and said, “I do not accept this ‘late’ thing.” Sources said that after the conversation, Imran told his friends that Ch Nisar is my good friend and he will soon be a part of PTI because the two avenues have been closed for him in the PMLN.—NNI