How is the man used as a ‘Human Shield’ in IoK living now?



Web Desk: The Kashmiri man, Farooq Ahmad Dar, who was propped on a jeep as a ‘human shield’ by Indian soldiers against stone-pelters, is now a broken man.

He has been shunned by neighbors, struggling to pick up the threads of his life. Farooq is even boycotted by villagers. They are branding him a government agent and chastising him for going to vote. According to him, he is suffering from insomnia and depression. He is unable to find a job, even as a manual laborer. The 20-years-old Kashmiri man says his life was upended exactly 12 month ago.

Dar said during an interview with PTI. “I am unable to sleep. Even medicines are ineffective. No one is giving me any work.”

Farooq Ahmed Dar said he faced social boycott as people in his village Chill, in Budgam district, had distanced themselves after they learnt he had participated in the election process.

Last year, on April 9, Indian army tied Farooq Ahmed Dar to the bonnet of their jeep to escape stone throwing in central Kashmir Budgam district. The image went on to make headlines and put civilian-security ties in the valley in the spotlight.

Investigations found he was on his way to his sister’s place for a condolence visit after voting when the army picked him up and beat him before tying him with ropes and parading him through nearly 28 villages.

Source: Indiatime