Here are the signs that show you’re an over thinker



Web Desk: Overthinking can turn someone’s life upside down. It is that distant relative who comes and goes without invitation. Overthinking can ruin your emotional health and peace.

Have a look at the some signs of overthinkers.

You feel that no one listen to you

You feel that no one listens to you. 

If you always complain that people don’t listen you or understand you, then you’re a over thinker. This can make you even more troublesome.

It is hard to choose

It is always hard to decide, yes or no!

Over thinker finds it hard to make choices. Taking decision is something that you always avoid if you are an over thinker.

You feel that you don’t deserve anything

You feel that you don't deserve anything. 

You feel that whatever you are getting is something that you don’t deserve.

You cannot focus on your health or sleep

Sleeping is a struggle for you. It becomes difficult because you don’t give a rest to your thoughts and that sometimes takes a toll on you.

You think critically

You think critically. 

You think critically and negatively.

You always assume the worst

You always assume the worse.  

You always think that something bad is going to happen.

You fear rejection

You always fear that someone will say NO to you. 

You always fear that someone will say NO to you.

Source: Wittyfeed