Guess which one is not a family?



Web Desk: Socially isolate adults face the same risk of inflammation as those who are physically inactive. Take this psychological test to find out how your own first relationships have shaped your personality.

Look closely at the picture below.

Family 1

You are not a family-oriented person. Your friends are your real family for you. You always strive to bring something good to everyone’s lives. You always do your best to be there for people who you need.

This family is not the happiest one. The mother obviously cares for her child, holding his hand and shielding him from the uncaring father. You don’t want others to grow up like you, which is why you picked this family as the fake one.

Family 2

You are strong family-oriented. You believe in building strong, stable and long-lasting relationships. You put your family’s needs first.

In the picture the people don’t really look like a family. The adults are not paying any attention to the child, even child isn’t trying to hold their hands. Being a real family person, you were able to spot the fake family right away.

Family 3

You probably come from a dysfunctional family. Your traumatic childhood make it hard for you to trust people. You’re anxious and interaction is a challenge for you. You are a over thinker.

The people in the picture look like a loving, happy family. They are real family. The parents are almost embracing while walking and the father is holding the child’s hand. Your past incidents make you suspicious of healthy relationships. Even you don’t believe that something like that truly exists, that’s why you picked this family as the fake one.

Source: Brightside