Eight innovative and cheap ways to keep your shoes new



Web Desk: Comfortable footwears are required for the comfortable and confident walk. Every year, almost 300 million shoes pairs end up in landfills that can reduce the amount of this waste by learning how to give our favorite old shoes a new life.

Here are the 8 cheap ways to make old shoes look better than new. Have a look.

Glued your slippery shoes

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You can apply glue to the sole of your slippery shoes.

Baby powder helps to reduce shoe odor

You can use baby powder and dry shampoo directly on your feet that can help you to get rid of bad smell.

Hairspray keeps shoes from slipping off your feet

Apply hairspray to your feet, this will make them sticky and keep shoes from slipping off.

Baking soda for bright shoes

It is the most effective way to brighten your shoes again, just apply mixture of water with baking soda and let it dry for two hours and then remove the surface.

Tea bags for say bye to bad odor

Put unused tea bags in your shoes to get rid of bad odor.

Use oat flour to get rid of grease stains

Apply some oat flour on grease stains and then it will disappear.

Hair conditioner for shoes protection

Take a small amount of hair conditioner and apply it on your leather shoes, it will work as a protecting coat.

Nail polish remover for shoes cleaning

Rub some nail polish remover on your shoes. This will clean the bottom of your canvas shoes.

Source: Brightside