Death planet is coming to kill us, claims conspiracy theory


Web Desk: Conspiracy theorists claims that the world is going to end with biblical rapture as ‘death planet’ Nibiru appears in the sky. This planet will appear on April 23.

Wacky theory says the moon, sun and Jupiter are going to align in Virgo, triggering the start of the biblical Rapture.

On that night we are going to see the rise of the Antichrist, the onset of World War III and seven years of Tribulation and planet Nibiru, an unproven entity that will appear in the skies.

According to NASA, such planet doesn’t exist and the date of the Nibiru apocalypse has been wrong multiple times in the past.

Nibiru (or Planet X) was widely predicted to hit our planet in December 2016, and before that in April 2016, and December 2015.