Daughter refuses to identify Lithuanian woman as mother in SC


ISLAMABAD: Daughters of Lithuanian woman Memoona refused to identify her as a mother in Supreme Court of Pakistan, Aaj News reported. 

On Monday, three-member bench, headed by Chief Justice, heard the petition filed by a Lithuania women seeking the custody of her three daughters. The woman, her former husband Jamsheed Siddiqui and their three daughters were presented in the court.

When Chief Justice asked a daughter if she had ever meet her mother, responding to which the daughter denied to recognize her.

CJ Nisar while addressing father stated that, ‘You exploit the children’s mind, this is how you were taking care of them? You deserve to get charged due to this act.’

“There is no sympathy for a father, who took their children deliberately, didn’t let them meet to her mother for seven years, father should have let them talk on video call. Does the mother not have heart?”

Justice Ajaz-ul-Hassan remarked that Dubai Court’s verdict was against the father, after which the bench ordered to let the daughters meet with mother in the absence of father.