Can eating ‘Like A Snake’ help you lose weight?



Web Desk: Snake diet has hit the health world. According to a trainer, Cole Robinsin, claimed that eating like one help you lose weight.

The concept of snake meal is that having one big meal and let that sustain for a while. The snake diet claims, clear your toxic liver by fasting for 48 hours and drink apple cider vinegar that is termed as snake juice. It is an essential mineral replacement.

Also it is necessary to maintain and learn to understand when your body is hungry.

Most of the experts do not suggest it. Julie Upton, R.D., and co-founder of Appetite for Health, told Women’s Health, ‘I would not recommend it to anyone for even a short-term trail, as it is not base on any clear evidence nor does it have any clinical evidence of Appetite for Health.’

Source: Deccanchronicle