Air Hostess’s heroic stunt saves a toddler



Web Desk: Dedication towards the job is extremely crucial. Air hostesses and pilots risk their lives to serve us, assist us boarding and de-boarding flight.

Recently, a Jet Airways air hostess made heads turn around after she literally threw herself on the ground to save the life of a toddler who fell. The toddler was in his mother’s arm and somehow fell from there, seeing which, the hostess quickly jumped and saved the baby.

It was happened at Mumbai airport, when the mother was queuing up at the security gate that the baby fell from her arms.

The mother, Gulafa Shaikh quoted, ‘The young girl without worrying about her life helped me and just jumped and caught my son. She also suffered injuries in her face in the process, and may have also received a permanent scar on her nose.”

Not everyone do beyond their call of duty to help random strangers for humanity’s sake, but she is different.

Source: Indiatimes