Afghan military launches large scale operations in 9 Northern provinces


—Photo by AFP

KABUL: The Afghan military has launched a large scale military operation in nine provinces in northern and northeastern parts of the country to suppress the Taliban, ISIS and other militants.

The commander of the 209th Shaheen Corps of the Afghan Military in the North Gen. Amanullah Mubin said the operations are jointly being conducted by the Afghan military, Afghan police, and Afghan intelligence operatives.

He said the Afghan military is leading the operations (Nusrat 97) which have been launched with an aim to suppress the anti-government armed militant and terrorist groups.

Gen. Mubin further added that the targets have been specified in the Nusrat 97 operations which will be conducted in the areas where Taliban and other militants have destructive activities and presence.

According to Gen. Mubin, four brigades of the Afghan army, two brigades of the public order police and two brigades of the border protection police forces will conduct the operations in cooperation with the national police and intelligence directorates.

He also added that the operations have been launched taking into consideration the growing activities of the Taliban, ISIS and other militant and terrorist groups in northern and northeastern provinces of the country.—NNI