Accused of biggest robbery of the year in Karachi arrested: SSP Central


—File Photo

KARACHI: SSP District Central Dr. Muhammad Rizwan Ali Khan said New Karachi Industrial Area (NKIA) police has arrested two alleged street criminals said to be invovled in year’s biggest robbery worth Rs 10 million in which dollars, euro, prize bounds, 13 mobile phones, laptop, gold and a motorcycle was robbed from house situated in Jamshed Quarter.

The SSP Central said this addressing a press conference at the office of the DIG West Zone here on Thursday.

Sharing monthly performance report of the district Central police, Dr. Rizwan said that as many as 476 accused nominated in crimes of different natures were arrested in various successful actions taken in the district Central by the police on the directives of DIG West zone Amir Farooqi.

He said that 181 accussed were arrested under Arms Act, 103 under Narcotics Control Act, 49 for alleged invovement in gambling, 35 reported street criminals, seven for violating Foreign Act, while 72 persons were arrested for committing miscellenous crimes.

He said that three accused were arrested after an encounter with the police while one was arrested for violating Explosive Act.

The SSP Central said that seven members of the nine-member gang of alleged dacoits who are said to be residents of Muzzafar Garh were also arrested. A four-member group of motorcycles lifter was arrested by the Super Market police, he said.

He said that five accused were arrested from the Gutka manufacturing factory from the New Karachi area.—APP