Zainab’s father submit protection plea to SC


LAHORE: The father of the Zainab, who was killed after being abused in Kasur, submitted the application to the Supreme Court for protection, Aaj News reported.

Miser of Zainab’s parents did not ended with her death or with the punishment that was announced for her murder as the family of criminal, Imran, is reportedly harassing the parents of the Zainab.

On Friday, Haji Amin Ansari met with Chief Justice Saqib Nisar in the Supreme Court Lahore Registry, in which he informed the Chief Justice about the progress in the case and its consequence on the resulting situations.

Zainab’s father submitted a petition in the Supreme Court Lahore Registrar, in which he assumed that Imran’s family members are constantly harassing, due to which they and their family are insecure.

Haji Amin Ansar said that the Zainab murder case has been arrested and neither any investigation has been conducted in this case, therefore the court is requested to arrest Imran’s co-workers and save us.

He also expressed satisfaction over the Court’s verdicts.