Woman lefts one-star review because of not getting free food



Web Desk: A woman gave a one-star restaurant review because she failed to win free food online. Pastels Restaurant in Lancashire offered free food this week on Facebook.

According to the woman, Becky Farran, she deserved that treat because her dog had recently died. She wrote, “I won’t be trying your place at all and consider yourselves unfollowed.”

Credit: Facebook/pastelsfood

Then she left a one-star review and slammed them for their terrible service and terrible food. The customer’s feedback shocked the restaurant owner.

They said, “Anytime we get bad review we message the person and try to solve the problem, but with his review we had proof that she had not been and was slandering our business.”

“Over 300 people applied for the free food, but we can’t give something to every single person,” owner added.

Source: Metro.co.uk