Twin boys expelled from school after their father died


Web Desk: A mother of a two twins, Shamsa Iman says her children face being ‘kicked out’ of school because she took them to Pakistan for six weeks after their father died.

She along with their sons Mustafa and Hussain came to Pakistan to visit close family and to attend memorial events for their late father Muhammad Ali Iman, 47, who died of cancer last September.

School administration say that they cannot hold places if a child is absent for an ‘inordinate’ amount of time and six weeks out is unusual.

Moreover, they say that it would be wrong to go against the rules on absence and hold places at a time of great demand.

Mrs Alam started an online petition calling for her headteacher at the Dean Trust Ardwick to use her discretion to make sure the children don’t lose their places.

But Dean Trust Chief executive and academy principal Tarun Kapur said children are expected to be in school unless there are exceptional circumstances.