Turkey detains 47 suspects for plotting attack


—File Photo

ANKARA: At least 47 people have been detained in Turkey’s southern province of Adana for plotting a terror attack, Xinhua quoted state-run Anadolu Agency reports here on Friday.

Counter-terrorism police carried out simultaneous operations at 73 separate locations across the province, ahead of the March 21 spring festival of Newroz, the report said, citing an anonymous security source.

The suspects were preparing for a terrorist attack with arms, Molotov cocktails and improvised explosives following a call by the Kurdish Worker’s Party (PKK). Among those detained were five women and 10 children, the source added.

The PKK, listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the United States and the European Union, has been striving for the establishment of an independent Kurdish state by armed combat since the 1970s.

The raid took place amid intense Turkish-led military operations in Afrin, northern Syria, targeting the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, which were alleged by Ankara to be affiliated with the PKK.—APP