Reasons some believe a person becomes star after death



Web Desk: If you ever loose someone you loved and cared about, know they are in the sky watching you. Death doesn’t end your love for someone. Take solace knowing the special part of them have moved inside your heart, the part where love is.

Here are 7 reasons that make someone believe that when we die we become stars.

Both Stars and Humans made off carbon

The research on the human and stars suggest that both are made of the same element carbon.

Both stars and Human orbit

Both stars and human move in the same pattern during their life span. In a way that, one wakes up every morning, do whatever only to wind up back in bed again, just like a star or planet.

Both are born, live and die

Human born in an Embryo state while ironic stars born in an egg shape called EEG’s. Stars go through a life cycles. Stars also die like human, known as a supernova.

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

Humans become dust after they die. Similarly, stars are nothing more than ash and dust burning on itself in an Equilibrium state.

Double stars are called ‘A family of star’

Stars are actually double star systems and most people on Earth are coupled or married. Two stars in the same system referred as a family of stars.

Hell is a hot place

Hell is a place with a lot of fire. Globular cluster of stars can also be classified as Hell.

People in limelight on Earth are referred as stars

People in the music or movie industry are referred as stars. People who shine in the limelight and are well-known are called stars.

Source: Beforeitsnews