Top 8 craziest requests people have made in airplanes



Web Desk: Many of the people across the globe afraid of travelling in airplane. Yet some people argue that cars and metal contraptions flying 35,000 feet in the air function exactly the same. Many a flight attendant has had to break the news to a passenger that pane windows cannot be opened. It is mystery that why the passengers want the window open, as it already cold enough on airplanes.

Here are the 8 craziest reasons flights have been delayed.

Can you fly the plane lower? My wife is scared of heights.

Height makes people nervous but pilot will never oblige you if you ask this question because plane need to fly at a certain height to minimize air resistance.

Can you avoid flying too close to Windsor castle? I’m worried it might annoy the Queen

There was passenger flying into Heathrow was so concerned about the Queen’s well-being. Therefore, he alerts his flight crew to spare the Queen the noise pollution.

Can I sit backwards like the stewardesses?

One passenger requested to sit backwards like the stewardesses to reduce his seasickness during takeoff.

Can you tell me who I’m sitting next to? I hate sitting next to strangers

A woman asked this question to flight crew. Airplanes are the strange place to ask that question.

Can I sit next to the pilot? It’s my birthday

A passenger wanted to be right in the middle of the action in the cockpit.

Play Liberace’s music the entire flight

A passenger insists to hear the sounds of Liberace every time he or she flies.

Where is the ATM?

Airplane features sleeping areas, extra legroom but no ATMs.

The engine noise is annoying, Can you turn it off?

A passenger asked to turn off the engine because it was giving him headache. But his request was denied, then the passenger threatened to file a complaint.

Source: RD