Tips for parents and students to handle the stress during exams


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Web Desk: Exams are the super-stressful time of the year for the students and parents. It is no longer seen as a positive challenge but seen as competition.

It makes students stressed, anxious and restless however, impacts their overall performance and also their physical and mental well-being.

Tips for parents

Talk to your children

Instead of leaving them aloof in a room, parents should allow them to do other activities. Like let them play even for at least an hour. And also talk about exam stress if you smell any discomfort.

Reassure your child of your love and affection

Reassure your children of your love and support, this will make them less nervous and stressful and also boost their confidence and make them understand that exams are not an end for them.

Avoid comparison

It is the worst thing you can do to your child. Parents should understand that every child is different and his area of interest is also different. Therefore, never compare your child with anyone ever.

Allow them to explore other options

Try to evaluate what your child is good at. Apart from academics, there are a lot of career options for your child.

Tips of children

Take care of yourself

Eat healthy to stay healthy. Avoid staying awake and study till the last hour because it results in confusion and also makes you sleepy during exams.

Take out time for relaxation

Take out time for fun, this will make you feel relaxed and fresh. Balancing your life is the key to success.

Good scores vs good job

Remember, good scores do not always mean good jobs. There are many examples of great personalities who failed first but excelled in their areas of interest. Just give your best.

Talk to your siblings and parents

Your siblings and parents had also gone through this pressure. Therefore, share your emotions and stress with them. They can guide you better.

Source: Timesofindia