This woman has lost her 22 babies


Web Desk: A woman named, Karry Hutchinson, 35 has lost her 22 babies. She buried three of her babies, sixteen miscarried and also held two funerals.

Kerry Hutchinson, 35, lost 22 babies and was told she's very unlucky by doctor Graves to two of her babies, Paige and Lucas Credit: BPM Media

When she asked doctors what’s wrong with her, she was told by the doctors that she is just unlucky.

Whole of her life she dreamt to become a mother but instead she has gotten lifetime of grief and heartache. None of her child has survived.

The woman from Birmingham quoted, “I will never give up trying. I need answers to why all my babies have babies died.”

She suffered many miscarriages but was told by doctors that there was nothing wrong.

Having had all the tests possible on the NHS, Kerry is hopeful that an immune test by a reproductive specialist in London will give her some answers and the chance of finally becoming a mother.