‘This man has no regrets, he is still telling lies,’ says SC


ISLAMABAD: During the hearing of court contempt case of PML-N’s former senator Nihal Hashmi in the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Chief Justice (CJ) of Pakistan, Saqib Nisar told Nihal Hashmi that if he (CJ) was in his (Nihal) place, he would have preferred to drown my self due to the embarrassment, Aaj News reported.

A three- member bench headed by CJP Saqib Nisar resumed the hearing into the contempt of court case of Nihal Hashmi.

During the hearing, Nihal appealed for an apology. Responding to this, Justice Saqib Nisar asked, ‘How could you make an appeal for apology?’

Chief Justice said, “You disrespected court, repeat those word for yourself here.” On which Hashmi said, “I did not say it.”

On which the chief justice said that these elders are sitting, we will show your video to everyone and Rashid will decide weather or not you disrespected the court..

Therefore, Nihal Hashmi stated that he was a lawyer and could not say these things. Replying  to which Justice Saqib said, ‘If I stand in your place, I would have drown my self to save myself from this embarrassment.’