This is how Facebook data breach can affect your life



Web Desk: Facebook is not a good secret keeper, and it’s so called privacy feature is just a myth. Facebook can collect your private data and use it to manipulate your web surfing experience by showing advertisement. Therefore, this exchange of personal data can threaten our lives, society and democracy.

The breaching of private data of 50 million users’ has shaken global politics and unsettled environment.Thus, it is crucial to know about it.

What is the issue?

Facebook knows everything about you, even it knows you more than your parents and guardians. But now your secrets are no longer a secret because Facebook is not a good secret keeper.

Big data and Cambridge Analytical

Cambridge Analytical is a company that tapes your online data, spies on other companies’ data, and user that data to understand every single individual’s online behavior to an extent through strategical communication tools for the electoral process.

Data breach and Cambridge Analytical came together to pull the biggest scam on you and democracy. Allegedly, Cambridge managed to get roughly 50 million Facebook users’ data and tried to sway 2016 US President elections with it.

It affects the democratic countries, in a way that, Facebook’s data practically brainwashed these people on digital platforms by showing them information as per their interest.

How it affect our life?

It brainwashed people via targeted ads. Facebook might be misusing user’s private data. As a result of this scam, Facebook has lost 80% of it’s shares within a week.

Youngsters should stay aware and alert about this global issue and be selective while sharing anything on it because, data  breaching, mining and misusing are entirely natural and common phenomenon on the internet. Facebook that previously fight against fake news is now caught in its own fire.

Source: Wittyfeed