This helps to prevent suicide, says study


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Web Desk: Studies suggest that suicidal individuals have a very restricted perspective in their personal situation, lives and surroundings.

The Munchen study revealed, “The word used in media reports of suicides has a measurable impact on how readers subsequently perceive and evaluate the act of suicide.”

During the research, the texts were given to members of each group and then were asked to summarize the content in their own words and then asked to fill in the blanks in a word puzzle designed to test implicit memory.

The researcher Florian Arendt said, “We found a clear effect, insofar as participants favoured the use of the term that they had previously read in the texts assigned to each of them.”

He also pointed out, “The word Freitod implies that the victim made a clear-sighted and rational decision. But all the evidence suggests that suicidal individuals typically have a very restricted perspective on their personal situation, their lives and their surroundings – they exhibit a kind of emotional tunnel vision. Seen in this light, it is very difficult to describe such a decision as free or rational.”

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has issued guidelines for news coverage of suicides.


Source: Deccanchronicle