This happens to you if you sleep while plane is taking off or landing



Web Desk: Travelling on a plane is not always comfortable. This can also be dangerous experience of your life because even your small mistake can put your health at risk.

Sleeping while a plane is taking off or landing is one of them. Falling asleep during landing or takeoff could cause serious damage to your ears due to the rapid change in air pressure in the cabin.

Remaining awake can maintain the air pressure equilibrium. Sleeping can’t active your natural response to alleviate pressure on your eardrums and can’t relax those muscles and release the tension. As a result, you can become susceptible to dizziness, ear infections, eardrum damage, hearing loss and nose bleeds.

Quick change in air pressure, leads to a vacuum in the Eustachian tubes which makes the ears feel blocked and sound dull.

Source: Reader digest