This chief Minister’s office drinks 18,500 cups of tea daily


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Web Desk: Tea is a drink which is liked and drunk the most. Normally, people consume 4-10 cups of tea in a day, but this Indian Chief Minister office’s tea expenditure in 2017-18 was Rs 3.4 crore.

In 2015-16, he spent Rs 58 lakh on tea, but now it has reached to Rs 3.4 crore. It seems Indian’s PM and the Maharastra CM are taking the country for a ride in the name of chai.

On Wednesday, a massive ‘Tea Scam’ in Maharashra Chief Minister’s Office, brought in limelight, in which it was revealed that an average of 18,500 cups of the hot beverage is served.

In the last past three years, tea consuming has been increased 577%, means 18,591 cups of tea are being served in CM’s office.

This is how Twitter users reacted on such a big scam.


Source: Indiatimes