This Afghan woman nursing baby during entrance exam



Web Desk: An image of an Afghan woman goes viral on social media. In the photo, a woman can be seen writing during the exam and also nursing her baby at the same time.

As soon as the photo surfaced on Twitter, people started sharing it and also praised the young girl’s dedication.

In the picture, Jahan Taab, a 25-year-old woman, is sitting on the floor and writing her paper while nursing her baby. A report revealed that the incident took place at a private university in Afghanistan’s Daykundi province.

Her two-month-old baby began to cry, then the university lecturer Yahya Erfan clicked the powerful picture and shared it on Facebook.

Twitter users said, “This is the CHANGE. Very strong message MashaALLAH.”

Another user said, “These women have two choice: submit or fight. The fighters are unfathomable courageous, but the ones that submit, often out of necessity or social pressure, also need support.”


Source: Indianexpress