This actress beat all the Bollywood female celebrity



Web Desk: According to a Instagram Awards, Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone has the ‘Most followed Account’ and Virat Kohli has got the ‘Most Engaged Account’ on Instagram.

Kohli has 19.8 million followers and in 2017, his account produced the biggest number of engagements when all likes and comments from the content that he shared.

In the Most Followed account category, Deepika beaten Priyanka with 22.4 million followers. Priyanka has 22 million followers while Alia Bhatt has 20.8 million followers.

According to Deepika, “Staying connected with my fans and loved ones is extremely important to me. I value the love, support and connection I share with them and I hope I continue to remain true and authentic.”

Source: Indianexpress